Multi Terminal East and West

Room for loading and business activities

At the terminal, bulk goods such as coal and feedstuff are unloaded and loaded. We have the room for space demanding business activities such as project goods, wood and windmills awaiting shipment. Close to the terminal, you will find a weighbridge accredited for inspection, tally companies etc.

Factories and warehouse companies

This part of the Eastern Harbour contains factories producing vegetable oils for the food industry, among other things, and exporting the finished oil products, either in containers or through pipes to smaller tank ships.

Private warehouse companies have rented space at the general cargo warehouses of the Port of Aarhus, providing storage and consolidation of a long line of different products. Imported goods can be stored in bonded warehouses, which means that VAT and duties do not have to be paid until the goods are exported or used.


Quay cranes


Crane no. 5 + 6 + 11 + 12
Max. lifting capacity (tonnes) 14.0
Hook 25.0
Grab 12.0
Max. reach (metres) 28.0
Hook 18.0
Grab 28.0
Max. seaside reach (metres) 20.3
Hook 10.3
Grab 20.3
Lifting height above water level (metres) 27.0
Hook 27.0
Grab 27.0
Crane no. 7 + 8
Max. lifting capacity (tonnes)
Hook 35.0
Hook 20.0
Hook 16.0
Hook 20.0
Grab 16.0
Max. reach (metres)
Hook 22.5
Hook 31.0
Hook 33.5
Grab 31.0
Grab 33.5
Max. seaside reach (metres)
Hook 18.8
Hook 23.3
Hook 25.8
Grab 23.3
Grab 25.8
Lifting height above water level (metres)
Hook 31.0
Hook 31.0
Hook 31.0
Gran 31.0
Grab 31.0


Vandvejen 7 
DK-8000 Aarhus C
Tel.: +45 86 13 32 66
Fax: +45 86 12 76 62


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