Bulk terminal

Modern cranes and large depth

The bulk terminal has two new cranes of the type Kirow Ardelt kangaroo crane with a double arm tilting system. The water depth in the Eastern Harbour is 13.5 metres and can therefore accommodate ships with a deep draught. As many as five ships of the Panamax class can be unloaded or loaded at the same time.

Bulk cranes in the Eastern Harbour - kangaroo cranes with a double arm tilting system


Crane no. 9 + 10
Max. lifting capacity (tonnes) 
Hook 45
Hook 40
Hook 30
Grab 30
Max. reach from quay side Fender (metres)
Hook 17
Hook 20
Hook 30
Grab 30
Max. reach over land from quay side (metres)
Hook 47
Hook 50
Hook 60
Grab 60
Lifting height above water level (metres)
Hook 32
Hook 32
Hook 32
Grab 32


Vandvejen 7 
DK-8000 Aarhus C
Tel.: +45 86 13 32 66
Fax: +45 86 12 76 62


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