The Container Terminal has facilities for loading and unloading containers, heavy lifts and project cargo such as wind turbines.

The Multi Terminal has facilities for loading and unloading all kinds of bulk goods, containers, trailers, general cargo etc.

The Bulk Terminal has facilities for direct transhipment of bulk products between larger and smaller ships.

The Tank Terminal is located on the oil harbor where mineral oil, gasoline, liquid fat products and bulk products such as stone and gravel are handled.

The Ferry Terminal is located at Pier 3. Here is a ferry service with Mols-Linien's passenger ferries to Odden. (Zealand.) The Cruise Terminal is located at Mellemarmen - less than 10 minutes' walk from Aarhus city center.

Cruise ships berth at berth 129/131. Alternatively, the largest cruise vessels can dock at the Container Terminal.

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