STS Operations

Ship-to-ship (STS) operations take place by direct transhipment of cargo from large vessels to minor vessels or barges. The large vessels can enter the port of Aarhus as the water depth is up to 14 metres. When transhipment has been carried out, barges will carry the cargo to other ports – typically where the water depth is below 14 metres. Thus, it is possible to split up large cargoes for more than one recipient.

The STS operation is carried out by the port’s container cranes which can be transformed into STS-cranes in a few hours.

The STS operations are characterized by having the same high efficiency and performance as the container operations – many quick and heavy lifts per hour – which means low costs of handling. Moreover, this type of operation is very economical as the cargo is carried by one vessel most of the way from the country of origin to the port of Aarhus. Another benefit is reduced environmental impact in the entire transport chain.

Typically, STS operations are used for bulk cargo, such as grain, feedstuff and bio fuel, as this is a gentle way of handling the cargo. Moreover, waste is very limited.

The rates appear from our Terms of Crane Service, which you can read here 

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Concerning bio fuel, please contact Business Development Manager Karsten Bove, cell phone 20603776, mail

Requirements for operation and vessels

The STS crane has a grab of 32 m3 and can handle a maximum density of 1.2. This makes STS very suitable for bulk cargo.

Hatches must be minimum 6 x 8 metres.

Maximum lifting height is 19 metres (operation).

Maximum lifting height is 25 metres (engine lift).

Emptying of grab is done in one motion (if wanted, the grab can be partly locked).

Engine lift 30 tons below the grab is possible.

Maximum reach 46 metres from the quayside.



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