ISPS Port security

Security in the port area is important for the protection of the port and the shipping industry against terrorist attacks. At the Port of Aarhus, we have increased admittance control and surveillance and implemented other security initiatives. All areas of the Port of Aarhus are fully implemented with regard to the ISPS code (International Ship and Port Facility Security Code).

Showing of ID

Anyone present in areas belonging to the Port of Aarhus is obligated to show ID and account for their business in the area. If this is not complied with, this will be reported to the police, which may result in a fine.

 Download the folder "What you should know about security at the Port of Aarhus" rev. aug.2012 (in Danish) (633.2 KB)

Communication regarding ISPS should be addressed to the head of port security at the Port of Aarhus, who can be contacted on telephone No. +45 8613 3266 or

Requirements for the ship

When ships arrive at the Port of Aarhus, they are required to supply the following information to the ship's agent:

  1. Information about the last 10 ports of call.
  2. Copy of the ship's "International Ship Security Certificate" (only upon the first call of the ship  or renewal of certificate)
  3. A crew list - arrival/departure
  4. A list of crew changes, if relevant  
  5. A list of visitors on board during the stay
  6. A list of companies that are to deliver goods or services during the stay of the ship  
  7. Passenger list

Upon each arrival, the Port of Aarhus will as a minimum require the information stated in item 1-4-5-6-7 and 8 to or fax +45 86760237. Ships who do not have an agent upon arrival, must supply the stated information to the Port of Aarhus well in advance.

Requirements for the crew

Crew members that wish to go ashore must bring the following:

  1. Shore pass issued/stamped by the ship's agent or the Port of Aarhus
  2. Personal identification with a photo

Declaration of Security/DoS

A declaration of security is only issued under the following circumstances:

  • The ship is operating at a higher security level than the Port of Aarhus
  • The ship or the facility has been affected by a security threat or incident
  • The ship has been at a port/facility that is not required to have and implement an approved port facility security plan

Ships that fulfil the above security conditions and need a declaration of security must apply at the Port of Aarhus on After this, the ship will be asked to anchor in the roads and wait for the head of security and/or the port facility's PFSO.

All expenses connected with the issuing of a DoS must be paid by the ship.

Security areas

A port facility security officer has been appointed for each port facility.

There are seven port facilities:


Vandvejen 7 
DK-8000 Aarhus C
Tel.: +45 86 13 32 66
Fax: +45 86 12 76 62


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