Future plans towards 2060

Port of Aarhus is undergoing a significant development and in a Master Plan from 2018 has laid the framework for the next expansion in the sea to the east: The Outer Port of 140 ha.

The Outer Port

Port of Aarhus has developed a Master Plan for the Outer Port – an extension of 140 ha or 1,400,000 sq m. With the completion of the visions from the master Plan from 1997, Port of Aarhus finds that there is great interest from the companies to expand further on the port’s area. The expansion plans correspond to approx. 50 per cent of the existing total area, so that the total area reaches 4,200,000 sq m.

The Need for Development

Port of Aarhus aims to be an attractive port with future-oriented infrastructure and relevant port services, so that the companies have an efficient port that can contribute to the companies being competitive and having good development opportunities.

In pace with the implementation of the area extensions and the associated construction projects included in the current Master Plan, the companies' interest in establishing themselves at the port has developed completely in parallel. If the port is to be able to offer continued development opportunities for existing companies and allow new port-related companies to establish themselves at the port, then it requires a further expansion of the port.

With the completion of the areas covered by the Master Plan 2018, the port will be able to develop at almost the same rate as before. Thus, there is no increase in the rate of development, in fact, rather a slowdown in the development that the port has experienced over the past 20 years. When comparing this with the interest shown by companies to establish themselves at the port, and at the same time evaluating the rapid development and growth of the city, there is no doubt that the port should expand so that the need for port areas can be met. This will contribute to the continued development of the city and the companies, and not least to the creation of more jobs in the area.

Contents of the Master Plan

When the next expansion of the port is completed, there will be 2.2 km of new quay, with a water depth of 14 m that can be deepened to 15.5 m. The upcoming activities are expected to be of the same broadness as the current port, with container port, bulk port and bulk cargo loads, including wind turbine parts or goods from ro-ro ships. Installation of new cranes on the longest quay sections is therefore expected to be necessary, and there will also be a need for establishment of warehouses for part of the goods types.

Recreational Content

As part of the port expansion, Port of Aarhus expects to establish better opportunities for certain recreational activities, whether it is relaxation on some sections of the south-facing pier, which orientates itself towards the Marselisborg forest, or it is fish bastions or bastions from which to begin a surfing trip or SUP trip. It will also be possible to establish view towers that can used as judge towers for sailboat competitions as well.

The design and need are not further defined. This will be done in cooperation with leisure clubs and associations, thus meeting the wishes of the citizens for recreational opportunities in the best possible way.

Time schedule

The expansion is expected to be completed over several years and in several stages. The work is expected to begin in 2021, while the completed extension is not expected to be completed until the year 2060. The expansion will be carried out in three stages, and the terminal areas will be used in full or in part on an ongoing basis.


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