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Upgrading of Østhavnsvej

16 August 2018

Østhavnsvej is already a main thoroughfare at the port of Aarhus, and it will be in the future too. Every year, the turnover of goods in Aarhus is increasing, and a new ferry terminal, which will open in mid-2020, will increase the number of passenger cars and lorries on Østhavnsvej. An upgrade of Østhavnsvej is therefore necessary, and in the light of this, the port of Aarhus has chosen to involve the consultancy firm COWI, which are experts in traffic calculations. COWI has recently presented a preliminary proposal for how Østhavnsvej can appear and function. Port of Aarhus' Technical Manager Anne Zachariassen emphasizes that this is only a proposal and that nothing yet has been decided.

The outer port in the city council

16 August 2018

A small first step for the port of Aarhus, but a big step for the city, the region and the nation. The step was taken when the city council discussed a case about the outer port for the first time during the summer, which is a future expansion of the port of Aarhus. The step initially consisted only of a discussion by the city council of an application for an environmental assessment. The port of Aarhus has applied to the city council for permission to carry out an environmental assessment of the outer port, which is a three-stage expansion of the port of Aarhus of a total of 1,400,000 square meters. The first stage is expected to be completed in 2030, the next in 2048 and the third and last in 2060.

Port of Aarhus lifted all of Denmark's Progress

11 June 2018

In 2017, 51,000 more containers were handled in all the major Danish ports together than in the previous year. But Port of Aarhus alone had an increase of 58,000 containers in the same period, and thus the two container operators of Port of Aarhus accounted for the whole of Denmark's progress - and more.

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