Upgrading of Østhavnsvej

Creation date: 16 August 2018

Østhavnsvej is already a main thoroughfare at the port of Aarhus, and it will be in the future too. Every year, the turnover of goods in Aarhus is increasing, and a new ferry terminal, which will open in mid-2020, will increase the number of passenger cars and lorries on Østhavnsvej.

An upgrade of Østhavnsvej is therefore necessary, and in the light of this, the port of Aarhus has chosen to involve the consultancy firm COWI, which are experts in traffic calculations.

COWI has recently presented a preliminary proposal for how Østhavnsvej can appear and function. Port of Aarhus’ Technical Manager Anne Zachariassen emphasizes that this is only a proposal and that nothing yet has been decided.

"I am very confident that with COWI's assistance we will come up with an optimal solution for both business traffic and for passenger cars going to and from the ferry. COWI has extensive experience in the field and has done a lot of such calculations earlier. But we are not in goal yet. There are still a number of prerequisites that must fall into place, for one thing, we are in dialogue with the municipality about changes in the local plan, and no one has yet calculated what it will cost to complete the project. Thus, there are still many unknowns that can affect the final solution, "says Anne Zachariassen.

She emphasizes that the port of Aarhus, together with COWI, is currently working on the proposal. Once the final solution is ready, a priority plan will be drawn up and work will begin.

COWI's preliminary proposal contains the following elements:

  1. A minor reconstruction of the Marselis Boulevard / Østhavnsvej / Sydhavnsgade junction. A final solution at this junction must be seen in conjunction with Aarhus Municipality's decision on the Marselis tunnel. With the proposed minor redevelopment, an unproblematic traffic development can occur until 2025.
  2. Østhavnsvej - 4 lanes between Marselis Boulevard and Oliehavnsvej and 3 lanes between Oliehavnsvej and the ferry terminal.
  3. Østhavnsvej will receive sidetracks on short stretches towards the ferry terminal.
  4. A modification of Sumatravej and an extension with extra straight lanes at the Østhavnsvej / Oliehavnsvej / Sumatravej junction.
  5. Oliehavnsvej is expanded with several lanes.
  6. Østhavnsvej / Vandvejen is converted to signal-regulated T-junction.
  7. Traffic to the APM terminal is separated from other traffic and a new loading and unloading space is set up.
  8. Østhavnsvej leads directly to the new ferry terminal.
  9. New signal-regulated T-junction at the APM-gate.
  10. New signal-regulated T-junction at Eimskip / Dania Trucking.


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