Upgrade Plan for Østhavnsvej

Creation date: 06 February 2019

After several meetings with customers, traffic experts and municipal officials in the past year, Technical Manager Anne Zachariassen of Port of Aarhus recently presented the final upgrade plan for Østhavnsvej.

The upgrade is necessary due to an ever-increasing freight turnover, but also due to a new ferry terminal at the end of Østhavnsvej. The ferry terminal is completed by mid-2020, and shortly thereafter, 1.3 million cars a year will drive to and from the ferries of Molslinjen side by side with the port's freight transport. Such a combination requires an upgraded Østhavnsvej.

When the project is completed (see map below),  

  1. Sumatravej will open into the crossroads at Oliehavnsvej. In addition, the crossroads will be extended.  
  2. there will be two lanes in both directions from Oliehavnsvej to Vandvejen, and the crossroads at Vandvejen will be a T-junction controlled by traffic lights.
  3. there will be two lanes in both directions from Vandvejen to APMT. However, this solution will require an exemption from the district plan.
  4. there will be two T-junctions controlled by traffic lights with shunts at the APMT area and the Eimskip area.

The entire physical upgrade will be supplemented by intelligent traffic management, which will contribute significantly to improving road conditions and road capacity. In addition, the signs on and around Østhavnsvej will be reviewed and possible improvements will be implemented.

The extent of project ”Upgrade of Østhavnsvej” requires an environmental screening. This investigation is expected to be carried out in the spring so that EU tender and tendering procedure can be completed mid-June 2019, when construction works begin.



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