The outer port in the city council

Creation date: 16 August 2018

A small first step for the port of Aarhus, but a big step for the city, the region and the nation. The step was taken when the city council discussed a case about the outer port for the first time during the summer, which is a future expansion of the port of Aarhus.

The step initially consisted only of a discussion by the city council of an application for an environmental assessment. The port of Aarhus has applied to the city council for permission to carry out an environmental assessment of the outer port, which is a three-stage expansion of the port of Aarhus of a total of 1,400,000 square meters. The first stage is expected to be completed in 2030, the next in 2048 and the third and last in 2060.

The expansion must respond to the expected increases and changes in the activities at the port in both the short and long term. The background for the expansion is partly due to an increasing level of activity at the port of Aarhus and expectations of continued growth, and partly of a trend that indicates that the use of port areas will develop and change forward. More and more companies are demanding port areas for logistic reasons for the establishment of (automated) production, distribution, etc. Production at the port dock means that it is both easy and cost-effective to receive raw materials and semi-finished goods and to ship the finished goods out to the world again.

Initially, however, the city council would not have to decide on the expansion itself, but only for the start of the environmental assessment. After a good debate in the city council room, the city's politicians chose to send the application for the environmental assessment to the Technical Committee. It is expected that a decision on the environmental assessment can be adopted in the city council during the autumn.



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