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Creation date: 03 October 2018

In mid-September the Aarhus city council approved an environmental survey of the so-called “Yderhavnen” (the Outer Port), which is a planned extension of the port of Aarhus of 140 ha in the sea to the east and in good distance from the city. The extension accounts for approx. 50 per cent of the existing port area.

When Port of Aarhus at first asked permission to carry out an environmental survey of the “Yderhavnen” (the Outer Port), the city council sent the case for further consideration in the Committee for Technology and Environment. But when the case was discussed for the second time in the city council, a majority of the city council members agreed that Port of Aarhus can now carry out an environmental study of the planned port extension.

The “Yderhavnen” (the Outer Port), which is planned to be made in three steps until the year 2060, is to be investigated by COWI and this will probably take a couple of years. Only then will the city council have to decide on the extension itself.



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