Port of Aarhus lifted all of Denmark's Progress

Creation date: 11 June 2018

In 2017, 51,000 more containers were handled in all the major Danish ports together than in the previous year. But Port of Aarhus alone had an increase of 58,000 containers in the same period, and thus the two container operators of Port of Aarhus accounted for the whole of Denmark's progress - and more.

This appears from new figures from Statistics Denmark, which also show that the container turnover in Denmark in 2016 was 764,000 containers, while it rose to 815,000 containers in 2017. This corresponds to an increase of 6.67 per cent. At Port of Aarhus, the increase was 12.7 per cent, from 455,000 containers in 2016 to 513,000 containers in 2017.

Major ports are defined in Statistics Denmark as ports with an annual turnover of around 1 million tons of goods or more.


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