New Heavy Load Ramp

Creation date: 06 December 2018

In the future, more special transports with heavy goods - including wind turbine transports - will be able to find a way to the port of Aarhus. During the year 2019 a new heavy load ramp will be built from Marselis Boulevard and across Strandvejen, so that the ramp opens on Østhavnsvej.

Since the passage at Mindet was closed for the sake of the “DOKK1” and the “Letbanen”, not all heavy goods transports can drive to the port of Aarhus, as the passage through the viaduct at the end of Marselis Boulevard is not big enough. The new ramp meets this problem, and at the same time capacity is larger than it used to be via Mindet.

The new heavy goods ramp will be implemented in the future project "Marselis Tunnel". The ramp is being built by the City of Aarhus, while Port of Aarhus will co-finance the project.

The heavy goods ramp will only be available for the type of traffic it is intended for - namely heavy goods and wind turbines. And the carriers must report their arrival in advance to have the ramp opened.

The carriers to use the heavy goods ramp must have their transports approved by the authorities in advance. Then they will have access to the ramp.


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