More Tons and Most TEU

Creation date: 06 February 2019

How much space do 173,071 tons of goods take up? At the dock? In trucks? In containers? No one knows it exactly. But it is precisely the amount of goods that made up the increase in freight turnover of Port of Aarhus in 2018. The increase corresponds to just over 2 per cent, and the total freight turnover thus landed at 8,801,234 tons.

The turnover of containers accounts for a subset of the total cargo turnover. In 2017, a Danish record was set on Denmark's largest container port with 511,424 containers handled. In 2018, Port of Aarhus beat its own record, as 540,363 containers (TEU) were lifted over the quay. This corresponds to an increase of approx. 6 per cent - and more than one container every minute of the year.

Port Director Jakob Flyvbjerg Christensen thinks that a total growth in the number of containers of more than 20 per cent in just two years is impressive.

“We have competitors in both the north and south. And, of course, we follow both them and the international trade figures with great attention. I am convinced that more and more people have seen the good location of the port of Aarhus, and this, together with the fact that our operators are among the best in the world for container service - gives a unique business model,” says Jakob Flyvbjerg Christensen.

He is also quite satisfied with an increase of 2 per cent in the total cargo turnover. Some business areas will always be pressed for periods, and for several years the mineral oil has been a challenging area - also in Aarhus.

"But we catch up fully on the lost oil in other business areas. Though we are specialized at Port of Aarhus, we still have a wide product range - and this will help us also this year,” states the Port Director.


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