Land-based Power at the Port of Aarhus?

Creation date: 03 October 2018

From time to time, people ask Port of Aarhus: “Why don’t you establish a land-based power plant, so the ships can get power from land while in the port?”

Technical Manager Anne Zachariassen wants to point out that a fixed land-based power plant with cables in the ground is neither a profitable nor future-proof solution at the port of Aarhus. Such a solution is best suited for fixed calls with high frequency – such as ferries. This conclusion has also been made in several other ports.

In Copenhagen, a report was prepared in 2015 with several scenarios for the establishment of a land-based plant for the cruise terminal. But the conclusion is that it is not profitable to invest in fixed land-based power plants, and it is also a fact that only very few ships can receive land power at all, so it is by no means a long-range solution," says Anne Zachariassen.

She also points out that several shipping companies are working on other energy solutions. For example, it may be Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) or batteries that, for some ships, can eliminate emissions while the ships are in port.

"This is not to say that we from the Port of Aarhus just close the case here. We are currently in the process of investigating the possibilities for establishing some mobile plants based on LNG and, in the long term, maybe batteries. When we have come a little further, we will enter into a dialogue with relevant customers for these solutions, "says Anne Zachariassen.



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