Increasing Interest for Aarhus as a Cruise Destination

Creation date: 16 September 2014

In recent years the efforts to attract more cruise tourists to the city of Aarhus have been intensified and now we are beginning to see the effects. More and more cruise shipping companies are becoming aware of Aarhus as an attractive destination, with a wide range of interesting events for the guests. In addition, Aarhus is capable of handling the individual cruise calls in a top professional manner. This is what Nicolai Kroyer, CCO at Port of Aarhus, and Peer H. Kristensen, CEO at VisitAarhus, are reporting. Over the past three years the two gentlemen have cooperated closely with the purpose of strengthening Aarhus as a cruise destination. Their latest initiative was a joint marketing campaign at the Cruise Shipping Miami in March 2014, the world’s leading fair and conference for the cruise trade.

"During the fair we noticed a remarkably increased interest in Aarhus, created through the efforts made over the past three years to highlight Aarhus as a cruise destination. Now we have become acquainted with the right people in this trade and we managed to arrange the meetings we had hoped for, and this has completely changed our communication with the cruise lines", says Nicolai Kroyer. In the cruise trade it is all about winning confidence and convincing the cruise lines that we mean business.

Improved Cruise Profile

Lately Aarhus has improved its cruise profile. In 2012 Port of Aarhus constructed a new cruise quay in walking distance to the city centre. New reception facilities were set up near the cruise quay, beautifully framed by the eye-catching white marquee.

Prior to the 2014 cruise season the approx. 80 local guides who take the guests on sight-seeing trips in Aarhus and the surrounding country started on a comprehensive in-service training program. The guides will be trained to improve their skills with the purpose of performing in a lively and attentive manner – bearing in mind that today’s cruise guests are remarkably younger than 10-15 years ago. The performance of the guides is one of the important quality parameters that may be decisive for Aarhus being chosen as a cruise destination or not. "The competition of being a cruise city is very severe. When a cruise line is planning a schedule in the Baltic Sea, cities like Copenhagen, St. Petersburg and Stockholm are preferred. This leaves the battle to all the rest of us. The shipping companies have plenty of good products to choose from which is why we must do our utmost to ensure that Aarhus has the very best offers in every respect – including promotion and communication", says Peer H. Kristensen.

Interest in the European Capital of Culture 2017

The cruise shipping companies make long-term plans and are already planning the cruise programs for 2016 and 2017. The fact that Aarhus will be the European Capital of Culture 2017 was very interesting to the shipping companies who also showed some interest when Nicolai and Peer mentioned the newly built Moesgaard Museum.The aim for Aarhus as a cruise city is to increase the number of cruise guests to 85,000 in 2017. For the 2014 season twelve cruise calls are scheduled, with a total of about 35,000 passengers.






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