Increasing Customer Satisfaction

Creation date: 08 April 2019

Port of Aarhus’ customers are more satisfied with the cooperation than ever before. An already good result from 2017 has increased in a survey that has measured the cooperation in 2018.

The survey, conducted by Junior Consult for Port of Aarhus, was carried out by inviting a number of customers to attend meetings with Junior Consult and a representative from Port of Aarhus. At the meetings, the customers were given the opportunity to assess the overall performance of Port of Aarhus and give their opinion on more specific areas.

The overall performance on a scale of 1-10 (where 10 is the highest) gave a total result of 7.71 in 2018 compared to 7.47 the year before, which is the best result that Port of Aarhus has achieved so far - and according to Junior Consult definitely in the high end compared to the score of other companies.

"I am satisfied. Especially when considering that we are dealing with a few challenges with specific customers, which of course influences the overall score. And of course I agree that there is always room for improvement, as expressed by a few customers in the survey, ”says CCO Nicolai Krøyer.

He is pleased that generally there is great satisfaction with the present communication and dialogue between the customers and Port of Aarhus. In the survey the customers have given points particularly for communication and dialogue when compared to other ports.

Especially, the customers were happy to be involved in the planned upgrade of Østhavnsvej. The ferry company Molslinjen will move to Østhavnen (the Eastern port) in 2020, and this has created a need for an upgrade of the road network. Therefore, a number of customers representing all industries in the port were invited to some dialogue meetings, where they contributed to the final solution of the upgrade of Østhavnsvej. The customer survey shows that this approach is extremely satisfactory for the customers, who at one time want to take responsibility and gain influence.

“It has been instructive for us both to see the customers’ commitment and how it is now reflected in the survey. We will, of course, use this experience in the future and assess in what other contexts it would be relevant to have a very close cooperation with the customers, ”says Nicolai Krøyer, who encourages customers to always contact Port of Aarhus if they would like to contribute to good, common solutions.


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