Hearing Deadline for Waste-Water Treatment Plant

Creation date: 03 October 2018

The City of Aarhus needs a new waste-water treatment plant and currently the city council is discussing three different locations. The deadline for submitting a response to the City of Aarhus is in a week or so – to be exact on October 8 – about the possible three locations of the waste-water treatment plant.

In the so-called “main proposal” the waste-water treatment plant will be situated at an area of approx. 12 ha, primarily within that part of the territorial waters which is presently set within clearly defined limits for marina.

“Alternative 1” will situate the waste-water treatment plant within the existing areas of the port of Aarhus at an area of approx. 9 ha. As there is a need for 12 ha for the new plant, the possibility of a further extension of 3 ha at or next to the port of Aarhus is being investigated.

“Alternative 2” will situate the waste-water treatment plant at the territorial waters outside the enrockment at the eastern port. This alternative might be seen in connection with or as a precursor of a forthcoming expansion of the eastern port (the “Yderhavnen”), the planning of which Port of Aarhus has applied the City of Aarhus to initiate. However, it may be possible to implement this proposal independent of a port extension.



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