Finnlines Moves Finland Closer to Aarhus

Creation date: 11 June 2018

Finnlines is in the process of a major reorganization of the company's network, and the changes are highly beneficial to Aarhus.

At one go, Finnlines has moved Finland closer to Aarhus, as the company has just launched a direct ro-ro connection between Aarhus and the Finnish capital Helsinki. The shipping company has previously had a route between Aarhus and Helsinki via Germany. But now it is a direct route, which means shorter transport time of goods between the two destinations.

In addition, Finnlines has made it significantly easier to trade goods between Denmark and Western Finland. Partly because the company has created a new direct connection from Aarhus and Uusikaupunki, and partly because of a connection to Turku, which is serviced with transshipment in Travemünde.
This has become possible because Finnlines has also established a new direct connection between Aarhus and Travemünde, while still being able to sail without the weight restrictions (heavy load) on the highway bridge over the Kiel Canal.
According to Claus Høgh, CEO of Finnlines Danmark A/S, Finnlines has for a long time been in demand for shorter transport time between Aarhus and Helsinki and better connections to Western Finland.


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