Danmark for målene – Global Goals Tour

Creation date: 20 January 2020

In the spring of 2020, Port of Aarhus will visit 48 of the largest towns and cities in Denmark to present the port of Denmark to the locals. Thus, the Port of Aarhus has joined the Danmark for målene – Global Goals Tour project which is an awareness and action campaign for the 17 global goals of the UN.

The caravan which visits 48 towns and cities, starts by visiting the local city hall, inviting several local operators from educational and research institutions, the business community, the civil society, political forums and public institutions.  This will take place from January to April 2020.

However, all the cities citizens will also be invited to various events at the town square, where the main pavilion will be set up, until it moves on to the next town. This part of the Danmark for målene – Global Goals Tour will take place from April to October 2020.

In Aarhus, the caravan will visit on May 29 - 30 where it will occupy on Bispetorvet. According to the plan, Aarhus will also be the place where it all ends in October.


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