Cooperation on Green Innovation at Port of Aarhus

Creation date: 09 April 2019

The approximately 150 companies that are part of the maritime cluster at the port of Aarhus now get an extra and unique advantage. Because companies make up a significant part of the industry in Aarhus, they are offered the opportunity to receive a free business process, where they can work with green innovation in collaboration with other companies on the port or separately.

On April 12, a start-up meeting will be held at the premises of Port of Aarhus, where the companies are invited to hear more about the possibilities for the free business course. At the meeting, representatives from Aarhus Vand, Lundsøe Køl & Frys and ALC will talk about their experiences within, among other things, water symbiosis, excess heat and electrification of vehicles.

Measured by workplaces, Aarhus is one of the largest industrial cities in Denmark. Therefore, the industry is of great importance when talking about the development of Aarhus - and not least the climate effort in the municipality.

Port of Aarhus is part of the project and technical manager Anne Zachariassen explains why they have chosen to contribute:

“Port of Aarhus is a large company in the city, and therefore we are of course working on ensuring that the port's activities protect the environment as much as possible. We are continuously working on sustainability projects, and currently we are very focused on the opportunities that technological advances in our industry provide. Many companies in the port generate and consume energy in various forms, and therefore it is important to us that we can help to lift green projects across companies, which is more fun and has a greater effect when we are many working in the same direction," states Anne Zachariassen.

The project focuses on promoting circular economy and energy efficiency at the companies in the port. As a company, you are offered a free business course, where the possibilities for making initiatives within energy optimization and circular economy are examined and uncovered, as well as examining whether there is the possibility of collaboration or partnerships among the companies that can see the benefits of green innovation.

The initiators of the project are Aarhus Municipality, Aarhus Vand and Port of Aarhus, which have teamed up with other relevant actors to identify and facilitate the project.



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