Bright prospects for Port of Aarhus

Creation date: 12 March 2013

In August the world's largest container ship will call at Port of Aarhus. In spite of a period with hardship in the general market the port is now well-trimmed and still profityielding.

On 12 March the port published its annual accounts for 2012 which showed a profit of DKK 22 million.

Early March Maersk Line announced that as from August this year the new generation of container ships class Triple E will call regularly at Port of Aarhus. The Triple E ships, which can hold 18,000 twenty foot containers (TEU), are employed in a service between Asia and Europe with direct calls to and from Aarhus.

Port Director Bjarne Mathiesen is very pleased with the announcement from Maersk, and at the same time he points out that after a challenging period with declining turnover and a necessary adjustment of the operating costs, Port of Aarhus is now more than ever ready to enter into new business agreements.

"A great effort has been made in order to rationalize the entire operation. We have outsourced part of our crane service and for the remaining part we have negotiated a new local agreement. Taken together, this means that in terms of competition we are stronger than before", says Bjarne Mathiesen.

In spite of a decline in the market, a significant surplus capacity in many European ports and over-capacity in the fleet of ships – which has resulted in a pressure on the port fees – the efforts made by Port of Aarhus to trim the company resulted in a profit for 2012. Even though the port's total turnover was 12 per cent less than budgeted, the port managed to make a profit of DKK 22 million which is DKK 6 million above budget. The falling turnover is primarily a result of a 10 per cent decline in goods turnover to 8.5 million tons of goods. The turnover of container goods showed a 6 per cent decline to 404,000 TEUs.

"The goods turnover is influenced by consumer reluctance both in Denmark and abroad. Our customers in this area are companies using ship's transport for import and export, and the declining consumption works through directly on our turnover", Bjarne Mathiesen explains. The Aarhus town council approved the Port of Aarhus annual accounts at a council meeting on 13 March.

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