A Profit of DKK 85,6 Million – the Operating Profit Increased by 22 Per Cent

Creation date: 27 March 2018

It is worthwhile to operate a port in Aarhus. The recently settled annual financial statement shows that in 2017 Port of Aarhus realized a profit of DKK 85,6 million, of which DKK 72 million came from the actual port operation, which corresponds to an increase of approx. 22 per cent compared to the previous year. The turnover in 2017 increased by approx. 6 per cent to DKK 271 million.

The rising turnover and earnings are due to both higher goods turnover, rental and sales of services. As previously announced, the total turnover of goods increased by approx. 5 per cent measured in tons - of which container revenue increased by 14 per cent measured in tons.

Despite the increasing turnover, Port of Aarhus has been able to keep the level of costs close to the status quo compared with 2016, which results in the positive result of the port operation.

Port Director Jakob Flyvbjerg Christensen describes the result as very satisfactory, but at the same time he points out that the profit is a very welcome contribution to the significant construction investments made at the port in these years.

"We have just built a completely new Omni terminal at a price of DKK 200 million and we are now in the process of constructing a new ferry terminal for a three-digit million amount. The company's profits must ensure that we are constantly able to make the port extensions necessary to meet customer demand, "says Jakob Flyvbjerg Christensen.

He emphasizes that in addition to terminal extensions, a sizeable sum is invested in other kinds of infrastructure. As an example, the new ferry terminal will generate increased traffic on the Østhavnsvej, which implies that this road must be upgraded before the terminal is used.

For further information please contact Jakob Flyvbjerg Christensen, cell phone: +45 20605214.




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