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Largest cargo volume ever in a Danish port

Creation date: 22 June 2017

When one of the world's largest container ships MSC ERICA left Port of Aarhus on June 22, it was the biggest call in Denmark's history. During the operation, approx. 3600 containers were lifted over the quayside - equivalent to approx. 6500 TEUS - from and to a single ship.

The operation was carried out by APM Terminals and proceeded completely according to schedule despite the large volumes, and Port Director Jakob Flyvbjerg Christensen will make no secret of the fact that Port of Aarhus’ container business currently has a significant upturn.

"Since the turn of the year, we have been in a very positive development in the container area. And while the Greenlandic Royal Arctic Line announced Tuesday that the shipping line would like to use Port of Aarhus rather than Aalborg, MSC berthed with the largest amount of goods we have ever seen in Denmark, "explains Jakob Flyvbjerg Christensen.

He believes that the increasing quantities of goods are linked not only to the global key figures, which also point to the rise, but also to the fact that Port of Aarhus is currently capturing market share.

"In recent years, we have been able to attract some very strong customers. Therefore, we might get a larger share of the increasing freight volumes resulting from rising market conditions. It is very much similar to what we see abroad, where the really big ports account for the greatest progress,” says Jakob Flyvbjerg Christensen.

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