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The Port of Aarhus is open and fully operational

Creation date: 20 March 2020

Denmark's largest commercial port in Aarhus is an essential part of the country's socially sustainable infrastructure and the supply chain, which ensures both the import and export  of food, consumables, medicine, energy supply and other life necessities. Therefore, despite the special situation in Denmark right now, the Port of Aarhus remains fully open, and foreign cargo ships can continue to call into port even though the borders are closed.

Customer Manager Nicolai Krøyer states that, naturally, the Port of Aarhus follows the instructions and requests of the authorities. This means that a number of Aarhus Port's employees have been sent home and that they now work from home, while operations that are goods-related continue as usual at the port.

“Foreign ships can continue to arrive, as goods transportation is not covered by the closed borders. As a commercial port, we are a crucial part of the supply chain and it is necessary that we keep the port open to the greatest possible extent. This means that we strive to maintain operations as normal, but of course, situations where it takes us a little longer to respond to a customer request than usual may arise, ”explains Nicolai Krøyer.

The entry rules to Denmark are tightened and the borders are closed for non-recognized purposes, and in this context, cruise tourism does not belong to recognized purposes.

This means that a number of the planned cruise calls in Aarhus have been cancelled. This is partly due to the fact that the Danish borders are closed until after Easter and partly because some of the cruise lines themselves have cancelled their voyages. Cruise ships will not call in Aarhus until April 30th at the earliest

Ship crews from foreign cargo ships can only come ashore if there are very special needs. And it is the local police who have authority regarding the needs assessment.

The Port of Aarhus has divided the employees into several groups, so that if illness occurs in one group, another group may step in.  Furthermore, as far as possible, external persons are kept away from the port center, and most of the administrative staff work from their homes.

According to Nicolai Krøyer, the Port of Aarhus has a contingency plan in the event that employees are more severely affected by illness. The plan, which has not yet been implemented, is to offer the ships to be dispatched in and out of the port at night, while the operational port services will then be carried out between the hours of 7-22. 

For more information: Chief Commercial Officer Nicolai Krøyer, mobile 20603796


Vandvejen 7 
DK-8000 Aarhus C
Tel.: +45 86 13 32 66
Fax: +45 86 12 76 62


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