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Port-related Investments to the Tune of More than DKK 2 Billion

Creation date: 30 March 2020

The Corona crisis is now facilitating the launch of new construction projects in the Port of Aarhus. Together with previously-planned projects, which will go ahead despite the crisis, the total investment sum amounts to more than DKK 2 billion. This includes: customer credits and retention of staff; continued upgrading of Østhavnsvej and completion of the ferry terminal; a major office building on Mellemarmen; and, finally, the possibility of getting started on the construction of the Marselis Tunnel.

According to Nicolai Krøyer, Chief Commercial Officer, in the context of the crisis, the Port of Aarhus has resolved to spend a three-digit million amount on retaining both staff and customers. The goal of the company is to safeguard its post-crisis competitiveness, so it can remain a strong business partner for transport buyers, transporters and companies based at the Port.

“We are keeping the Port open and operational. Partly for this reason, we have decided to retain our staff, who are both extremely dedicated and specialised vis-à-vis our business. That is why we believe we will need them all after the crisis,” says Nicolai Krøyer. He describes how the Port of Aarhus has also chosen to support its customers’ business by offering extraordinary credit over the coming months and up to 1 July.

“This extraordinary credit will hopefully help all our customers and business partners to cope with the current challenge,” says Nicolai Krøyer, who reminds us that the company did something similar during the 2008 financial crisis.

The Port of Aarhus is currently working on some major construction projects, with which, despite the Corona crisis, it has decided to go ahead. The construction of a ferry terminal for Molslinjen and the upgrade of Østhavnsvej will continue almost unchanged, though of course now there are other considerations to take into account with regard to employees.

“Our work on both projects will retain jobs and guarantee that Molslinjen can move from the city to the East Harbour by this October. We will also make room for moving 1.3 million cars out of the city centre, given that in the future, they will have to drive along Østhavnsvej and via Marselis Boulevard to and from the Port,” says Nicolai Krøyer.

He also draws attention to another major project, which will create a substantial number of jobs in the Port area. This is the construction of an office block on Mellemarmen, within the precincts of the Port of Aarhus, with 26,000 m2 of floor space. The developer is MT Højgaard. The building will be leased to both port-related knowledge companies and more traditional port companies. There are also plans for the building to feature welcome facilities for cruise guests.

“It is an extremely exciting project that will transform part of the old industrial port into a modern maritime area, which will attract many companies involved in knowledge-based activities in the maritime sector,” states Nicolai Krøyer.

In conclusion, he refers to the possibility of launching construction on the Marselis Tunnel, since starting construction as soon as possible is positive in a number of ways.

“On the one hand, a decision to launch construction will create a significant number of jobs in both the consultancy and construction industries. On the other hand, the tunnel will also help ensure green transition following the Corona crisis. Maritime transport is more sustainable than land transport, but more maritime transport also requires more vehicles for getting to and from the Port,” says Nicolai Krøyer.

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