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New Ferry Terminal With Shore Power

Creation date: 04 February 2020

The Molslinjen ferries call at the Port of Aarhus about 3800 times each year. Come fall, shore power will be available to the ferries from the new Østhavnen ferry terminal. This is the result of a recent joint Port of Aarhus / Molslinjen investment decision.

Currently, the Port of Aarhus is constructing a new Østhavnen ferry terminal. By the end of 2020 when the Molslinjen high-speed ferries servicing Kattegat relocate to the new ferry terminal, the ferries will be able to recharge from a brand new shore power installation at the dock.

”As this means that the high-speed ferries no longer will need fuel-driven generators to produce power when the ships are in port, we will have achieved a more sustainable operation,” Carsten Jensen, CEO of Molslinjen, says.

He adds that it is very important to Molslinjen to be able to keep the ship systems running at night when the ships are in port. And now this will be possible in a quiet and emission-free way. 

Molslinjen and the Port of Aarhus agree on the importance of investing in future sustainability. To the Port of Aarhus, it is particularly important to contribute to the shore power installation as this investment will reduce the environmental foot print of the annual 3800 calls.

”Making it possible for each ferry calling at the Port of Aarhus to connect to the installation ensures a major sustainability benefit. Furthermore, the installation will not require the addition of further energy infrastructure at the terminal as the installation may be integrated into the existing infrastructure,” Nicolai Krøyer, Chief Commercial Officer, says.

Additional information: The Molslinjen Head of PR and Communication, Jesper Maack, by cell at +45 2019 6215 or via email at and the Port of Aarhus Chief Commercial Officer, Nicolai Krøyer, by cell at +45 2060 3796



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