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New CEO Has Started

Creation date: 04 June 2020

The new CEO of Denmark’s largest commercial port has just taken up his post. Thomas Haber Borch (49 years old) is looking forward to getting to know staff, clients and other business partners.

Thomas Haber Borch was already selected from more than 80 candidates for the position as CEO back in December 2019, but was unable to take up the position until now. In the meantime, large parts of the world have been put on standby as a result of the corona crisis. However, as a key player in the social infrastructure, the Port of Aarhus has been in full operation throughout the entire period.

“It is clearly a positive thing to start work in a company that hasn’t been closed. But there’s no doubt that the months that have passed since I was hired have meant major changes for many people and many companies. That means, initially, I’ll be embarking upon a very different job from what it would have been without the corona crisis. Nonetheless, I’m ready for the challenge,” says Thomas Haber Borch.

He originally studied Electronic Engineering. But his high level of energy and his desire and ability to further his education have now led to his second CEO position to date. Accordingly, Thomas Haber Borch has extensive experience of both operations and management. He comes directly from a position as CEO of DKI Logistics A/S and Vikar DK A/S and was, for a period of time, the co-owner of both companies.  Prior to that, he was area Director and Regional Director of PostNord. He has also worked for companies such as Berendsen and Michelin.   

The new CEO is an Electrical Engineering graduate, but went on to graduate as a market economist specialising in international marketing, and took an HD in Supply Chain Management. He also holds an MBA and has studied board governance.

“In my working life, I’ve learned to fare at all levels. I’m both a thinking and a hands-on kind of leader, and I believe that everyone in an organisation is equally important. We must all remember that society needs jobs. That’s why we need enterprising companies. I look forward to developing the Port of Aarhus together with the company’s staff, and I firmly believe the upcoming expansion with the Outer Harbour has huge potential in terms of the employment, growth and internationalisation of the city,” says the new CEO.

Thomas Haber Borch lives in Højbjerg on the outskirts of Aarhus with his wife and their three children.

For further information, contact: Thomas Haber Borch, CEO. Mobile (+45) 28140397



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