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A Good Year and Ready for Consolidation

Creation date: 06 May 2019

In the financial year 2018,  Port of Aarhus realized a turnover of DKK 278 million, a profit of DKK 73 million and thus a profit margin of 26 per cent. During the period, DKK 110 million has been used for capital investments.

The revenue increase landed at DKK 7 million and the increase in the profit was DKK 1 million. Port of Aarhus’ management refers to this as a satisfactory result in a competitive market.

"We have achieved solid earnings in recent years, and we built this up in 2018. We are in a good development, which we expect to maintain in the coming years," says Port Director Jakob Flyvbjerg Christensen.

Port of Aarhus is Denmark's largest container port and in 2017, the company realized an increase in container turnover of 14 per cent. In 2018, an additional 6 per cent was added on top of this freight turnover so that the turnover in two years has increased by just over 20 per cent in the container area.

“When I look out of the window from my office, I can see that the trucks at Østhavnsvej, which leads to the container terminal, are driving closer than before. So the figures on the paper also have a real picture. We still have the opportunity to grow at Østhavnen (the Eastern Port), but it is clear that if the current cadence continues, we will grow out of our own port at an earlier time than expected, ”says Jakob Flyvbjerg Christensen.

In addition to containers, Port of Aarhus has a large number of products on the shelves, e.g. solid bulk, liquid bulk, ferries, cruise and area rent. All business areas came out with a positive result in 2018 - with containers and bulk as the largest contributors to the overall result.

“One of our strengths is no doubt that we have a very wide range to offer our customers. And it is of course positive that we are able to achieve profitable results in all business areas, ”says Jakob Flyvbjerg Christensen.

He points out that Port of Aarhus is completely ready for the consolidation that the entire port sector will undoubtedly face in the coming years.

“There seems to be consensus that in the future we will have fewer but larger ports in Denmark. Port of Aarhus is already Denmark's largest commercial port. And we are ready to absorb the goods that will find other channels when small commercial ports are closing, ”says Jakob Flyvbjerg Christensen.

For further information please feel free to call Port Director Jakob Flyvbjerg Christensen, cell phone +45 20605214.



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