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Corona Crisis Leaves Its Mark

29 July 2020

In the first half of 2020, the corona crisis affected turnover for the Port of Aarhus, though much less than feared when the crisis was at its peak. A statement of the total freight turnover shows a drop of 5% as compared to last year. In actual figures, the turnover of goods decreased from 4.5 million tons in the first half of 2019 to 4.3 million tons in the corresponding period in 2020.

Greenlandic traffic to Aarhus

15 June 2020

On June 12 for the first time ever in regular service, the Greenlandic shipping company Royal Arctic Line docked in the Port of Aarhus. With this new cooperation the Greenlandic shipping company wish to make it easier to trade with Greenland and for the Port of Aarhus it is at the same time a result of many years of work to get the Greenlandic traffic to Aarhus.

New CEO Has Started

04 June 2020

The new CEO of Denmark’s largest commercial port has just taken up his post. Thomas Haber Borch (49 years old) is looking forward to getting to know staff, clients and other business partners.

New eco-friendly tugboat

12 May 2020

The Port of Aarhus has just invested in a new tugboat worth approx. 45 million Danish kroner. The new tugboat is far more eco-friendly and highly efficient than the tugboat it will be replacing.

Solid Result and Reduced CO2 Emissions

02 April 2020

Denmark’s largest commercial port concluded 2019 with a profit of DKK 84 million: an increase of DKK 12 million on the previous year. The Port of Aarhus also succeeded in reducing the company’s CO2 emissions by 15% to 1,248 tons of CO2 in 2019.

Port-related Investments to the Tune of More than DKK 2 Billion

30 March 2020

The Corona crisis is now facilitating the launch of new construction projects in the Port of Aarhus. Together with previously-planned projects, which will go ahead despite the crisis, the total investment sum amounts to more than DKK 2 billion. This includes: customer credits and retention of staff; continued upgrading of Østhavnsvej and completion of the ferry terminal; a major office building on Mellemarmen; and, finally, the possibility of getting started on the construction of the Marselis Tunnel.

The Port of Aarhus is open and fully operational

20 March 2020

Denmark's largest commercial port in Aarhus is an essential part of the country's socially sustainable infrastructure and the supply chain, which ensures both the import and export of food, consumables, medicine, energy supply and other life necessities.

New Ferry Terminal With Shore Power

04 February 2020

The Molslinjen ferries call at the Port of Aarhus about 3800 times each year. Come fall, shore power will be available to the ferries from the new Østhavnen ferry terminal. This is the result of a recent joint Port of Aarhus / Molslinjen investment decision.

New Port Director for the Port of Aarhus

20 December 2019

49-year-old Thomas Haber Borch has been selected from more than 80 candidates for the position as Director of the Port of Aarhus. He will henceforth be at the forefront of Denmark´s largest commercial port.

Green Discount For Green Ships

13 December 2019

The Port of Aarhus is the first in Denmark to make a decision to grant a discount to green ships.

The Port of Aarhus Sets Danish Record

12 December 2019

In early December, a Danish record left Danish Crown in Horsens and drove along the E45 motorway to the Port of Aarhus, where it was loaded onto a container ship.

A Good Year and Ready for Consolidation

06 May 2019

In the financial year 2018, Port of Aarhus realized a turnover of DKK 278 million, a profit of DKK 73 million and thus a profit margin of 26 per cent. During the period, DKK 110 million has been used for capital investments.

More Tons and Most TEU

05 February 2019

How much space do 173,071 tons of goods take up? At the dock? In trucks? In containers? No one knows it exactly. But it is precisely the amount of goods that made up the increase in freight turnover of Port of Aarhus in 2018.

Growth of 14.1 per cent of the Container Goods

26 February 2018

In 2017 the crane operators at Denmark’s largest container port, Port of Aarhus, lifted 3,684,000 tons container goods with the container cranes, and this was not only a Danish record, but also a realization of a 14.1 per cent growth compared to the year before.

Increasing Turnover in most Business Areas

19 April 2016

Press Release increasing Turnover in most Business Areas

Aarhus Now Positioned as a Cruise Destination

09 March 2015

In 2016 we will see 23 cruise ships berthing in the port of Aarhus

Renere luft i Aarhus

04 November 2014

Renere luft i Aarhus

Bright prospects for Port of Aarhus

14 March 2013

Tripple E vessels from August


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