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Biking in stages will end in July

09 April 2019

The company Konstant, a subsidiary of the NRGI Group, is in the process of constructing a powerful transformer station that will secure the electricity supply at the port of Aarhus in the future. For this reason, excavation work has been carried out at Østhavnsvej for some time, as Konstant has laid new cable pipes to be connected to the transformer station. In particular, this has held up cyclists who drive to and from work along Østhavnsvej. The cycle path, which is currently broken up into several stages on both right and left side of Østhavnsvej, will be fully restored in July 2019.

Unmanned gate and closure of soil tip

09 April 2019

In future, Gate East at the Port Centre will be manned whereas Gate West at Oliehavnsvej will be unmanned. The previous transport of soil through Gate West to the soil tip has ceased, as the tip was closed at the end of March 2019. This means that soil cannot be disposed of at the port anymore.

Cooperation on Green Innovation at Port of Aarhus

09 April 2019

The approximately 150 companies that are part of the maritime cluster at the port of Aarhus now get an extra and unique advantage. Because companies make up a significant part of the industry in Aarhus, they are offered the opportunity to receive a free business process, where they can work with green innovation in collaboration with other companies on the port or separately.

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