• The Port of Aarhus will be extended on the basis of a master plan adopted by the city council in 1997.
  • Improved infrastructure in the Eastern Harbour will be in place no later than 2020, where the tunnel below Marselis Boulevard is expected to be ready.

Future plans towards 2022

The extension of Port of Aarhus was determined in a master plan adopted by the city council of Aarhus in 1997. The plan has been revised along the way, but large parts of it have already been realised or have been initiated.

The master plan of Port of Aarhus is working towards a total cargo handling capacity of 20 million per year in 2020. The port will be expanded to approx. 180 hectares or 1,800,000 m2, and the maximum water depth is projected at 15.5 metres along the quays.

With a total of 1300 metres of quay, 550,000 m2 of land area and a water depth of 14 metres, we can receive the world's largest container ships with their cargo in the container harbour.

Expansion at the Eastern harbour

The first stage of the large extension plan of the Port of Aarhus was a new container terminal at the Eastern Harbour. The terminal was completed in April of 2001 and includes 500 metres of quay with a water depth of 14 metres and approx. 250,000 m2 of land area. The second stage – an expansion with a further 800 metres of quay and more than 300,000 m2 of land area – was inaugurated on the 1st of September 2007.

Establishment of the Omniterminal

The Multiterminal north-east of the Oil Harbour area is being extended. The harbour area will be approx. 80,000 m2 with a water depth of 14 metres and will be called the Omniterminal. It is mainly to be used for storage of cargo that does not require storage under roof or fixed cranes, such as bulk goods or windmill projects being prepared for shipment.

The lay-out will be planned in close cooperation with the customers wanting to use the area.


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