Aarhus Now Positioned as a Cruise Destination

Oprettet dato: 9. marts 2015

Aarhus, the second largest city of Denmark, has really made its mark on the chart as a cruise destination in Scandinavia. With an increase of 100 per cent in only one year, 2016 will be the absolute record year for the port and the city.

In 2016 we will see 23 cruise ships berthing in the port of Aarhus, bringing some 60,000 cruise guests who will get the chance to visit Aarhus and see the city both from the sea and from the land. The 60,000 guests are expected to go ashore and spend about DKK 36 million in the shops and restaurants of Aarhus before leaving the city. The guests are mainly from North America and all of Europe – from the north to the south.

According to Nicolai Kroyer, CCO at Port of Aarhus, the increase reflects the fact that even more shipping companies have become aware of Aarhus as an attractive destination, offering a variety of shopping facilities, cultural events and beautiful surroundings.

“However, I am of the firm conviction that some of the cruise shipping companies established over the past year want to test us prior to the city’s new status as European capital of culture 2017”, says Nicolai Kroyer.

On March 11 he will go to Miami together with Peer H. Kristensen, CEO of VisitAarhus. Once a year Miami is the world’s epicentre for cruise tourism. The purpose of their visit is to promote Aarhus as the European Capital of Culture 2017 and utilize this fact to attract even more cruise guests to Aarhus.

“This year we have great expectations of the visit as experience shows that cruise shipping companies have an eye on the capital of culture destinations. In addition, we have adequate water depth for the very big ships which is a clear advantage”, says Nicolai Kroyer.

For further information please call CCO Nicolai Kroyer, cell phone +45 2060 3796


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