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Aarhus Now Positioned as a Cruise Destination
09 March 2015
Aarhus Now Positioned as a Cruise Destination
Terms of Business 2015
17 November 2014
Terms of Business 2015



October 2015

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The port of Aarhus is an active trade area with approx. 150 companies, creating the basis for about 10,000 jobs. The port of Aarhus is Denmark’s largest container port, with a market share of approx. 60 per cent, and also Denmark’s largest public bulk port. This implies that a very large part of the consumer goods are imported to Denmark via the port of Aarhus. Also, a significant part of the Danish export is shipped via the fine-meshed network of shipping routes to all parts of the world. In addition, the port of Aarhus is an important ferry port, serving around 800,000 cars and around 2 million passengers on an annual basis. The company Port of Aarhus has recently initiated the construction of a new office centre in five levels of approx. 13,000 sq m, situated at the container terminal area. The office centre, which will be ready for moving in early 2016, will be the new domicile of Port of Aarhus as well as a number of port relevant companies.



Mindet 2 
DK-8000 Aarhus C
Tel.: +45 86 13 32 66
Fax: +45 86 12 76 62
E-mail: port@aarhus.dk


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